A Look Ahead to Brno

A Look Ahead to Brno

In just a few days, March 5th, we will be heading to Brno, Czech Republic where we will be starting the next chapter of our journey with the Master author of  our life’s story. In the picture for this posting, you will see Joe and Julie Silby who will be our new team mates as we once again focus on Roma ministry in our new environment. Joe and Julie are sweet people and have 3 children at home. They seem genuinely excited about our move to join them in ministry. This is SO encouraging and refreshing!

To be honest, it is a bit sad to think about leaving Romania. After all, coming to Romania and ministering to  it’s people is the way that God broke our hearts for the great need of International missions. Yet, we also know that God is dynamic and has a perfect plan which sometimes requires us to change our direction… move down new roads… embrace new visions of ministry. May He find us faithful to do this… even when we cannot see the outcome clearly. I suppose that is one way that He grows our faith. He already knows who we will be talking to about Christ and who will accept our counsel. He also knows who will reject the Truth. I pray that we will be wise enough to see the doors of opportunity open and be bold enough to speak up without apology concerning the message and mystery of the Gospel.

So then… what does the future hold for the Nicholas’? Of course, only God knows the full extent of what lays ahead for us in ministry but to account to you what we know, we will be officially joining Team Romani (gypsy team) to work actively with them in hands-on ministry. We will do this with about 51% of our time. The other 49% of our time will be used to volunteer our technical skills to the IMB Training Team in the European Affinity. Who are these people, you ask? Well, let me tell you. the Training Team is responsible for providing training / support resources for our personnel in Europe, training of new apprentice missionaries, positively influencing our people with language acquisition, developing vibrant student ministry, and developing standard practices for cultural engagement. Yes, they do a lot! Over the last few months we have started developing relationships with this group of people and they are seasoned missionaries and dedicated to their work. It has been a wonderful experience for us to start working with them and add to their mission. Officially, I am involved with developing website strategies and other technical services as needed. Dawn is responsible to interface with database / site maintenance and submissions of volunteer job requests. From a personal stand-point, I am thankful to be able to use my past professional skills to help support our people in Europe.

Yes indeed, God has given us an opportunity to work in both worlds… ministry and technology. It is a unique situation but one that I think will provide the best avenue for us to give contribute to the ministry of the Gospel in the broadest sense. Ministry and the opportunity to spread the Gospel is what brought us here to Europe… yet, the ability to actually minister to our own personnel is also fulfilling. I just want to stop for a moment to offer up a prayer of thanksgiving to the Father for this wonderful opportunity. As  you read this, I would ask you to continue to pray for us to have a smooth transition to this new place of service. May the Father keep us and bless us with His unexplainable love and grace… amen.

2 Responses to “ “A Look Ahead to Brno”

  1. Rachel Cox says:

    Hey Randy and Dawn, thank you for the tour of your apartment. We hope you enjoy your new home and will find the work with the Roma very rewarding. God bless you both and we will pray for you. We are getting a little bit warmer here and today was beautiful. Do you see Boyd and Jennie? If so, please tell them “hello”. Love and Best Wishes, Rachel and Jere

    • Thank you Mrs. Rachel… we are, in a real sense, starting all over again. I have been amazed that the language barrier here is even greater than in Romania… at least so far that is our experience. Please pray specifically for us to quickly find a language helper.