Belief & Respect

What are Our Beliefs?

I have found that quite often there are serious misunderstandings about what we as Baptist Missionaries believe and what we hold onto as doctrine. So, just to make sure you have a clear picture of our views, I have included our official stance on such things as the sovereignty of God, who we believe Jesus Christ to be, how we are redeemed from a sinful state to receive eternal life through Jesus Christ, what we think about the Bible, and other important details of our faith and belief system.

When you place your mouse pointer on the button on the top labeled “Belief and Respect,” you will see additional pages where you can read all of this for yourself. The information cited is taken directly from our denominational statement of beliefs called the “Baptist Faith and Message.”

On a personal level, I believe these core values to be true and worthy of acceptance. I put my personal faith in Jesus Christ many years ago when I was 21 years old and I consider myself a Baptist because these views of doctrine closely match what I believe as an individual follower of Jesus Christ.

Respect for Others

Even though I firmly believe in the tenants put forth in the Baptist Faith and Message, I also believe that all people regardless of their cultural background deserve basic human respect and dignity. Now, mind you, this doesn’t mean that I believe that every belief system is true or equal. With all of the many many religious traditions around the globe, we have to measure them by what they consider to be their path to God. Let’s face it, there are some religious orders in the world who would even practice human sacrifice as a way to appease their view of deity.

I believe that the one true sacrifice offered through the spotless Lamb of God (Jesus Christ) on a tree a few hundred years ago is the Way to achieve eternal salvation. This is not a view that I dreamed up or was swayed into accepting through the skills of crafty speakers but through my understanding of the Biblical perspective of redemption through the finish work of Jesus Christ. So, we may not agree about some things but I respect you as a creation of the Almighty God and I sincerely pray that in your lifetime you will come to an understanding and acceptance of Jesus as your personal Savior and continue in a real relationship with Him.

Ephesians 2:4-9

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