Big Things and Little Things

Big Things and Little Things

As we wake up this morning, the reality of leaving Braila is really sinking in. So many things have happened during the last year of our lives. Honestly, there have been some bad things and some good things. Yet as I sit here and type this message to you, I will make a conscious decision to only examine the good things. I cannot tell you all of the good things because this space would not be sufficient but I will touch on the events of the last week or so. Let’s start with last night… we were blessed to worship with Metanoia Church in their new location and they were very nice to us. Pastor Marius Mezin and his congregation have been like a second home for us in a spiritual sense. Last night, they invited me to sing and share my heart with them about our future… then, they asked Dawn and I to come to the front and they had a special time of prayer for us as we leave. They also gave us a card from the church expressing how much they appreciated our friendship and ministry in their church. We have been blessed to have been invited into several of the homes of the Metanoia family and have ministered along side of them many times. Our friends, we love you and will miss you greatly.

Home of HopeNow, I must mention two other churches that we have had special connections to. First, to our friends at Holy Trinity Church, we will also miss you and our prayer is that God will send you the exact person that should lead you into a glorious new year. I pray that you will be a bright shining light in Braila for the King of kings. To my friend Ben Boingeanu,  Ana and their group home at Home of Hope… thank you so much for being so kind to us and inviting us into your home on Christmas Day. That meant a great deal to us and it was also a blessing to have our new friends, Tal and Liz Thompson, there with us. Bro. Ben, may the Lord bless your ministry in marvelous ways in 2011.

Mircea and MarinNow, for my Roma friends at Lacu Dulce Church… we will continue to pray for you and for the growth and health of your church. To my brothers, Mircea and Marin, keep up the good fight my friends and do not give up with your belief that the Lacu Dulce Church can become a strong spirit filled place of worship for your people. Trust in God and work hard! He can surely bless you and your efforts. Remember my friends that God wants to save your friends and family and He wants to bless you! Also, try to work more with your own people as the days go by and depend on the Lord for your needs more than on friends from America. We, as Americans, can be good partners with you in ministry but sometimes it is best to let us be silent partners. Just think about it.

Roland and LauraNow, for our good friends Roland and Laura Hubati. You two reached out to us early after we moved to Braila and have been an encouragement to us the whole time we have been here. I wish we would have lived a little closer to each other so we could have visited more often but please know that we really appreciate your kindness to us and to our children when they were here in the spring of this year. Also, thank you for the nice meal and fellowship time for Sunday lunch. We will for sure have to keep in touch through Skype as time passes. Who knows, maybe you can even come to visit us in Brno some time. We will see but for now, I pray that God will bless you and your children now and in the year to come.

Ok, I know that I surely did not mention everyone who has been a blessing to us… there were so many… all of my friends in Cazasu, Daniel & Rodica, Cristi and Gabi, Florin and his family at the Home of Hope, little Maria, Bogdan from the HOH, Mihai Morin, Ruben, Gaby Parnica, all of the many young people who took time to volunteer as translators as we did Bible studies and street evangelism, Corina Voicu (our landlady’s daughter), the Mezins, Sebi & Ligia, Nutsu, Peter, Chris, Gene, and many others. Of course, it goes without saying that we appreciate all of our “company” folks who were there for us during the difficult times over the last year… some near and some far.

RichieWell, to wrap this lengthy message up, I will have to say something about a four legged friend who we will be saying good-bye to as well. When we first came to Braila, through a series of events we were given Richie who has been a wonderful pet to us and is probably the best dog I have ever seen. He has been a blessing to us and because of the change of our assignment and location, we decided that it would be best for us and for him to go back to live with his former home which was our landlady’s home. I know this is a big thing for Dawn and we will both miss him but it is for the best. We know that Mrs. Voicu and Corina still love the little guy and they will take good care of him. So, for now… as we continue cleaning and getting the apartment ready to present it back to our landlady… God bless you all and may the Father guide our steps in the year to come… amin.

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