Photo Gallery

Nicholas Kids - May 2010 - Cazasu

These pictures are from a day when we went to Cazasu as a family to do some Bible studies and prayerwalking. It was a wonderful experience to do this together.

Nicholas Kids - May 2010 - Bran Castle and More

Here are several pictures we took on a rainy Saturday as we visited Bran (Dracula\'s) Castle and the surrounding area. We actually stayed the night in Brasov and saw the Black Church. I snapped a few pics of the Fortress City in Rasnov too!

Friends in Ukraine

Recently Dawn and I took a little journey over to the Ukraine where we had a gathering with friends from the part of the world that we serve. It was an awesome opportunity to meet and share a little slice of life with each other.

Gemenele meets Metanoia

July 4th witnessed a beautiful event when Metanoia Church moved their services to the village of Gemenele to worship there. It was a glorious evening.

Valley of Galati

These are just a few photos I took with my cell phone while working with Pastor Bogdan in the Valley area of Galati in early July 2010.

Greeting New Friends

This year for the 4th of July we had a nice experience to gather and celebrate together along with welcoming two new families to the field here in Romania. We actually gathered in Bucharest on the 5th. Welcome to the Tuns and the Foremans.

Nicholas Kids - May 2010 - Braila

Here are a few pictures that we took in the city. We visited the big Orthodox Cathedral and Piata Mare and then went to a city park for a while.

Nicholas Kids - May 2010 - Botanical Gardens

Here are some pics from a trip to the Botanical Gardens in Galati, Romania on Sunday afternoon after church. We were invited by some friends who live there... Roland and Laura Hubati. Afterward, they fed us a very nice home cooked meal... thank you guys!!!

Ministry Friends

Here are some pictures of our ministry friends. Some of them are IMB missionaries and some are Christian friends who have the same evangelistic views as we do.

Around Bucharest

Here are a few pictures that I took around Bucharest while we lived there. While we were there, we saw a whole lot of the subway system and beautiful city parks.

Cazasu, Romania

This is a gallery with various pictures taken in Cazasu where we are working with Metanoia Church to potentially start a new church.

Braila in the Winter

Here in this gallery I have placed some random photos of the winter that we have experienced here in Braila. Most of the pics are from around Christmas 2009 through early 2010.

Nicholas Kids - May 2010 - Random Pics

This photo gallery has a lot of random pics from our kids visit here with us in Romania.

Funeral for Pastor Iosef Stefanuti

These are pictures that I took at the funeral and memorial service for our dear Brother Iosef Stefanuti. This service was held in Braila, Romania on May 5th, 2010.

ServingHIM Health Fair 2010

This gallery is of an event that ServingHim Medical Ministries sponsored on 07.17.10 here in Braila. They presented the Gospel and assisted many of the citizens with health needs and education.

Metanoia and Baraganul

Here are some photos of a special ministry trip that Metanoia Church in Braila took to minister to the people of Baraganul. It was so cool to have representation from Harvest Church Ministries, The Evergreen Foundation and the IMB present.

Metanoia and OCC 2010

Some pictures of a trip I made with my Metanoia Church friends to deliver gift boxes from Operation Christmas Child to kids at a Kindergarten here in Braila.

Metanoia New Building

Here are a few photos of the building which our friends at Metanoia Church are preparing to move into to expand their worship center.

First Service at Metanoia New Location

Some photos that I took at the first service at the new Metanoia Church location. It was indeed a beautiful day in the House of the Lord!

OCC with Holy Trinity 12-20-10

This is a photo album of some photos that I took while assisting my friends at Holy Trinity Church with one of their Operation Christmas Child distributions. It was a lot of fun seeing this large group receive their gift boxes.

Romanian Christmas 2010

This is a photo gallery of our second Christmas in Romania. We started the day with our Roma friends at Lacu Dulce who presented a nice children\'s program and then went to have Christmas lunch at Home of Hope Orphanage.

Operation Christmas Child and Metanoia

Photos from the second trip I made with Metanoia Church to distribute OCC shoe-boxes.

Thanksgiving Day 2010

Here is a gallery of photos which were taken at a gathering with colleagues in Bucharest for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Holy Trinity Baptism

Here are some photos taken at a beautiful baptism service at Holy Trinity Church in Braila on 11-21-10.

Prague, Czech Republic

Here is a gallery of pictures of the beautiful city of Prague. We were there for a few days on company business but got to see some of the sites in the evenings.

Lacu Dulce - Ladies Bible Study

Just a few pics shot with my cell phone of a ladies Bible study in Lacu Dulce which is in Braila.

Honoring the Wagstaffs

Here is a photo album from a gathering we had to honor the service of our friends Bob and Diane Wagstaff. May the Father watch over them as they go back home to the USA.

Conference in Germany

Here are some pictures that I took in Rehe, Germany while we were at a retreat / training conference. The setting was beautiful and so was the conference.

Lacu Dulce Children

These are photos which were taken at the first practice for a children\'s Christmas program which will be in a few weeks.

Snowy Memories

This is a small gallery of pictures from some snowy days in West Tennessee while we were on our mid-term vacation.





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