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Restored by Neil T. AndersonThis awesome audio book can revolutionize how you consider yourself as a child of God and if you are not saved, it can show you the way to achieve a restored right relationship with your creator, God the Father. This information was made possible by the good folks at E3 Partners, Brian Hardin, and Dr. Neil T. Anderson. A few years ago, I stumbled upon this resource at the website which is a ministry of Brian Hardin in my home state of Tennessee. While looking around his site, I discovered a set of audio book / interview files  of a book called “Restored” by Dr. Anderson. Brian sets up the sessions with a personal interview of Neil and then reads the entire chapter included in the particular file. This series has 8 MP3 files which are around 40 minutes each. Over the last few years I suppose I have listened to these audio files over 5 times.

This morning as I went for a prayer walk, I decided to start through the book again… it refreshes my spirit every time I do this. I went through chapter 1 and enjoyed it all over again. This made me think that maybe some of the good folks who visit my little blog / ministry site might just enjoy these resources too. So, I dedicate this page to the book and resources of “Restored.”

Here is a copy of the eBook which is a full version. Download it and read it along with your listening… this makes it easy to go back and reference the scriptures he quotes, etc.

  Restored - eBook (1.5 MiB, 371 hits)

I am also including the first chapter on this page, at the bottom, you to listen to. It is an embedded MP3 file. Listen to it and let me know what you think about it. These files were distributed freely on the site where I originally downloaded them and I am simply providing them for you here to have easy access to them. They are not to be sold but even Dr. Anderson mentions in one of the audio files that he would be happy if people gave them as gifts to their friends… thanks Neil and may God bless you… and thank you Brian for allowing us to get them from your site.

Here are download links to retrieve the MP3 files.

  Restored Audio Book - Chapter 1 (32.8 MiB, 457 hits)

  Restored Audio Book - Chapter 2 (25.8 MiB, 392 hits)

  Restored Audio Book - Chapter 3 (29.3 MiB, 419 hits)

  Restored Audio Book - Chapter 4 (35.8 MiB, 383 hits)

  Restored Audio Book - Chapter 5 (25.2 MiB, 385 hits)

  Restored Audio Book - Chapter 6 (18.3 MiB, 381 hits)

  Restored Audio Book - Chapter 7 (25.2 MiB, 391 hits)

  Restored Audio Book - Chapter 8 (29.7 MiB, 638 hits)

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