Techie Screencasts

What is a Screencast?

Well, a screencast is a video clip which is recorded as you use your computer. You start the recording and the software picks up your sounds (voice) and mouse movements on the computer screen. This method is often used to create tutorials and “how to’s” of one sort or another which are then distributed to companies websites, etc. to assist with training. I am just doing these to help people who visit my blog site and for colleagues who need specific help with setting up software and Internet services. On this first page you will see one such video which I created to assist people in converting their documents into PDF format. I will add subsequent pages with new screencasts as time allows. Just to give you a little tip… you can start and stop the screencast by simply clicking on it.

doPDF Document Converter

This is a short video which shows a screencast of how to install and use the freeware document converter, doPDF. It is an excellent product and is fairly easy to use. Basically, any program which allows you to issue a print command from the “File” menu will be able to convert documents to a PDF file. This should work fine for Microsoft Word and Excel, among others. You can find the software by going to this website:

This information is provided as a courtesy for you and I am not responsible for how you use it. You have a personal responsibility to review the documents and license requirements on their website and go from there with good faith. I also recommend reviewing their help files and minimum system requirements before you actually install any service or software.